The ranch was founded in the late nineteenth century, coinciding with the rise of coffee plantations in the south west of Merida State. The house was built by this time and was completed at the end of the century. It had grown according  coffee production grew. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the farm is already recognized as "Hacienda el Carmen" in the coffee markets of the region.


The ranch facilities are placed within an old colonial house. It was built with a coffee architecture of the end of the nineteenth century, with a style of southern Spain.

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Its construction covers an area of about 9000 square meters. It was built with three levels because of its natural decline of the land. Furthermore, it has helped the grew of coffee.

Its construction lasted many years. The last building was "El Rollo". This is a place for threshing and weighing coffee, which was built between 1910 and 1929. º still processed grains and is also used as a multipurpose hall.


During the 90s  Hacienda El Carmen has been recognized as a thematic inn. Because it offers touristic services  and is planted in a coffee plantation. There guests learn something more about this product. Moreover, it has worked more than 100 years without interruption.  We are a Coffee Living Museum, where people can learn the essence and experience the origin of the drink. Visitors can appreciate and learn about all aspects of the coffee process, from planting to toasting and tasting.

The village of Jaji is located in La Parroquia Jaji. Campo Elias municipality,  Merida  State. It has an altitude of 1781 ASL and an average temperature of 18 ° C. Its population is just 1,500 inhabitants. It is located at 38 km from Merida city. You can arrive by a road where you can enjoy another perspective of La Sierra Nevada.

You also see the capital city and facing forests, cattle ranches and small towns. 10 km before arriving, you can appreciate a high waterfall called La Chorrera and El Chorrerón de Las Gonzalez. They both are very attractive and are crossed by the road to Jají. It is one of the most visited towns in the region. You can find several inns, restaurants, cafes and craft shops. Usually, only the villagers enjoy the benefits of tourism, the rest of the population lives  with farming activity.



8 Double - triple rooms, with a double bed and one single additional (private bath and shower with hot water)


4  family Rooms  with a double bed and 2 bunk bed. Capacity to 6 people  (private bath and shower with hot water)


5  Rooms style camp with bunk beds(shared bathrooms with hot water) Total Capacity: 70 to 100 people (occupation in special cases)


 -  Eternal spring Climate with 18º at 1800 ASL
-- Healthy cooking with dishes from the Andes and International Foods
-- Facilities and more than 260 Has. of Fields with large areas of relaxation, fun games, music and TV, meetings, reading, walking, weddings, events ...
-- Eco tourism with specialized bilingual guides
-- Horseback Riding and hiking in the surrounding hills.
-- Holiday Camps.
-- We speak English and Spanish
-- Individual and family attention



Hacienda El Carmen services are provided by prior reservation. The rates include accommodation, meal plan chosen, and stay at our facilities.
Different Services  like  transport, food, specialized guides, excursions and activities outside the ranch, have additional cost. Rates available upon request. Children under 12 accompanied by their parents pay 50% of the fare. children younger than 3 years do not pay. Discount for groups more 15 people (special events, camping) Reduction of 20% in low season.


Aldea la Playa a 2 Kms del pueblo de Jají, Vía San Juan Jají, Estado Mérida - Venezuela
(+58) 424-699.63.14
Por razones sanitarias, no se aceptan mascotas de ningún tipo.
N8 34 11.7 W71 21 37.1
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